Beer & the Perfect Promotional Product Idea

Beer companies often give away a promotional product at point of sale, and manage to generate loads of goodwill in the process.

The best example we’ve come across is the beer company that was giving away a bottle opener with every slab of beer sold. However, we’re not talking about any old bottle opener, we’re talking about a wall mounted bottle opener that has proved to be oh so useful.

That wonderful wall mounted bottle opener still lives in my bar, and it still manages to impress me every time I use it. Can you imagine the joy of never having to worry about looking for a bottle opener again? Whenever I get a beer out of the bar fridge I know for certain that beer will be open within 5 seconds. It’s a certainty, happy days!

WHEN (to give the gift)

Hand over the gift at point of sale if you’re selling physical products. If you’re selling a service, hand over the gift after the service is complete and while invoicing.

WHAT (gift to give)

Make your giveaway relevant to the product you are selling. In the case of the Beer company , the branded mountable bottle opener was perfect.

WHY (the campaign worked)

This campaign worked because the Beer company was able to generate loads of goodwill by choosing a promotional product that was really useful and was relevant. We have written about using Goodwill to motivate customers into taking action in a previous post.

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