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You have identified your perfect promotional product strategy. Now it’s time to get moving. However, your office is full of a bunch of negative nellies, grudge collectors and morale mushers. You now realise that your company culture eats the strategic plan for lunch. It’s time for a change. The Solution – everyone in your office has to wear a rubber wrist [...]

This bean bag toss cooler game is a new and unique idea for your Summer promotion. This item is 2-1 promo product which can bring something new in ordinary leisure with your clients and staff. As it is not only an esky which will keep your drinks cool, but also a fun game. Bean bag toss also [...]

These 10 tips are the hidden gems, secrets, and guideposts that I’ve uncovered in the 15 plus years I’ve been supplying new, unique and fresh Promotional Merchandise. Follow these best practices to ensure your trade show stand is a hub of meaningful activity:  Invent a great product demo to do in your booth, to pull [...]

How did Promotional Products begin? The use of promotional products could almost be synonymous with branding.  We are surrounded by a whole range of products that advertise a brand in some way. While this has probably always been around in some shape or form, there came a time when promotional products became an industry all [...]

These days every company, whether big or small, should be involved in online advertising. This will typically involve producing a visual advert. Statistics show that an image will be far more effective if you use people in your advertising. The average punter loves eye contact, even if it’s on a screen. We also like to [...]

As a cutting edge merchandising company we are constantly monitoring what is happening online in order to identify opportunities. We identify trending topics and work out how our clients can benefit. In particular, we are looking for ideas that can translate across to the physical world. We recently got excited when we found lot’s of [...]

Sponsoring the local footy club can be a win-win for both parties. It works especially well if you’re a local business with potential customers that live in the area. However, it also works for companies whose target audience is outside of the local area. You’ll generate huge amounts of goodwill through sponsorship. This goodwill in turn [...]

Some time ago I received a letter from a charity organisation. When I opened the envelope I discovered a pen inside. I was very happy with the pen. In my house a pen is a rare commodity and anything that helps to solve the shortage is very welcome. At the time, I hadn’t donated to [...]

Beer companies often give away a promotional product at point of sale, and manage to generate loads of goodwill in the process. The best example we’ve come across is the beer company that was giving away a bottle opener with every slab of beer sold. However, we’re not talking about any old bottle opener, we’re talking [...]