Physical Marketing Meets Digital Marketing


These days every company, whether big or small, should be involved in online advertising. This will typically involve producing a visual advert.

Statistics show that an image will be far more effective if you use people in your advertising. The average punter loves eye contact, even if it’s on a screen. We also like to see ‘real’ people rather than stock photos.

The result is that you should seriously consider having yourself, or one of your staff appear in your advertising.

The best way to appear in an advertisement is wearing your company branded attire. Not only that, but you should also consider including purpose built promotional products in your pictures. These will help you get your point across and make the most of your digital advertising.

We are seeing a huge increase in orders for company branded shirts and attire so that they can be worn in photographs destines for Google and Facebook advertising.

Forget using stock photos. It’s time to get your model career off the ground….

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