The Local Footy Club Sponsorship

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Sponsoring the local footy club can be a win-win for both parties. It works especially well if you’re a local business with potential customers that live in the area.

However, it also works for companies whose target audience is outside of the local area. You’ll generate huge amounts of goodwill through sponsorship. This goodwill in turn generates huge amounts of referrals, as the people connected to the footy club become your personal sales team.

To make the most of your sponsorship you should have your brand appearing wherever possible. Promotional products are the perfect way to achieve maximum exposure.

It’s essential that you stamp both the clubs colours as well as your own brand on a promotional product. As well as increasing the chances of the product being used, you’ll realise the power that the sponsorship brings with your connection with the club. A product displaying both brands clearly demonstrates your association.

WHAT (to give the gift)

A simple ‘baseball cap’ style hat is often a good way to go. So too are stubby holders, and always consider the ever reliable pen. Another good idea is an inexpensive ‘toddler’ footy that can be used for impromptu indoor footy matches.

WHY (the campaign worked)

As we’ve mentioned, a sponsorship works because it generates heaps of goodwill. The other reason it works is that it increases your company profile. The trust that people have towards a company is related to the perceived size of the company. Therefore, sponsoring a sporting club generates trust.

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