A Charity Company That Understands Guilt

Promo Ideas - Using Guilt

Some time ago I received a letter from a charity organisation. When I opened the envelope I discovered a pen inside.

I was very happy with the pen. In my house a pen is a rare commodity and anything that helps to solve the shortage is very welcome.

At the time, I hadn’t donated to the charity organisation for years, and I also hadn’t heard of the “Reciprocation Rule”.

I was a sitting duck. Pretty soon as I was racked with guilt, and I was only able to find relief when I finally pulled out the cheque book ….. I used that troublesome pen of course!

WHO (to give the gift)

This method can work well with old clients that are likely to re-purchase. It can also find success with customers on a subscription plan that are likely candidates for a subscription upgrade.

WHEN (to give the gift)

Make sure the letter and gift is unexpected and not connected to any exchange of money.

WHAT (gift to give)

The gift needs to be light and inexpensive as it’s likely you’ll be sending it by mail. A pen is the perfect weight and size for example.

WHY (the campaign worked)

This campaign worked because the the “Reciprocation Rule” is hard wired into the brain. If executed properly the target will feel guilt, which will motivate them into action.

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